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Hours Of Service

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BBMAS AGENT - A company branch that takes an operational role and produces exceptional services to our clients.

BINDING ESTIMATE - the exact cost for moving/relocation services: the final charges will not increase or decrease if your final weight/inventory is greater or lesser than estimated quote. The binding estimate only covers the house hold goods/commercial items and services listed on the inventory of you estimate.

BOL - Bill of Lading.

BULKY ITEMS - Items that are excessive in weight or size.

CP - Carrier packed. Items that are packed by the carrier.

CONSIGNEE -   is the person who is financially responsible for the receipt of the shipment.

Example : If a sender sends a shipment of HHG to a receiver , the sender is the sender, the person receiving is the consignee, and the deliverer is the Agent/carrier.

CO-SIGNER - A person he or she that has equal authority to sign for another individual on their behalf.

COD - Cash on Delivery

COMBINED SHIPMENTS - shipping multiple clients at a reduced shipping and handling rate than each individually shipped moves.

COMMERCIAL GOODS -  Items listed on an inventory other than household goods.

COVERAGE - The amount of protection in which the shipment is covered by.

CUFT - Cubic Feet.

DELIVERY CHARGES - Charges do at delivery.

DESTINATION - Where items are being shipped to.

DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE - Start to finish complete services.

ESTIMATE - An approximate calculation.

EXCLUSIVE TRUCK USE - CMV is restricted to one specific client during their actual move.

EXTRA DELIVERY- Additional/multiple delivery locations.

EXTRA PICKUP - Additional/multiple pickup locations.

FLIGHT OF STAIRS -  Per 16 steps.

FUEL SURCHARGE - Amount charged for fuel.

FULL PACK SERVICE - All items in shipment are professionally packed by carrier/agent

FORCE MAJEURE - circumstances that are unforeseen that prevent fulfilling a contract in a timely matter.

GW - Gross weight.

HVA - High value articles.

HHG - Household Goods.

ITEMIZED INVENTORY - A detailed list of items being shipped within contract.

LOCAL MOVE/ RELOCATION -Move/relocation within the same state and is within 100 miles of origin and destination.

LONG DISTANCE MOVE/RELOCATION - Move/relocation out of state and/or over 100 miles of origin and destination.

LONG TERM STORAGE (LTS) - Shipment being placed into storage until client has an address and delivery window scheduled.

LBS OR lbs - Pounds.

LONG CARRY - Is when your moving agent has to carry your items for a long distance between the CMV and your resident or from your resident to the CMV.

N/C - No charge.

N/A - not accable.

NET WEIGHT - Actual weight of items being shipped on work order.

NON-BINDING - Terms of an agreement without being obligated to fulfill.

NORMAL HOURS - 9am-5pm Monday - Friday   11am - 4pm Saturday  After Hours 24/7 Contact  (xxx) XXX - XXXX.

ORDER FOR SERVICE - Contact of services

ORIGIN - Pickup location

OVERNIGHT HOLD - Shipment must wait overnight until following day to deliver.

PARTIAL PACKING SERVICE -- Carrier packs specific preselected items on inventory.

PBO - Packed by owner

RELOCATION - To move from one place to another

REVISED ESTIMATE - Is a new estimate based on changes within the shipment

Example : Customer has less or more items and/or additional services are required.

SHUTTLE SERVICE : Is when a smaller Truck is needed to perform services

SIT - Storage in transit

SA - Special accommodations

UNPACKING - Carriers remove all boxes and protective packing from shipment. carriers will remove all boxes by emptying articles out of boxes. This does not mean that the carreir will put items away.

WAREHOUSE - The facilities in which shipments are held in storage while in transit